Women For One is a global community of women ready and willing to make life happen. Wf1 empowers women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds to exchange authentic dialogue by sharing life lessons and supporting one another to create a powerful new vision for their life. We are all pioneers of our own growth and experiences. It takes courage, love, and action to evolve throughout our lives. We want to hear from you about your journey and life lessons learned.

  • Creates community that promotes authentic dialogue about issues important to all human beings.
  • Inspires women daily through quotes, photos, videos and writings.
  • Connects women to valuable resources and causes they can join, support or replicate.

There are many reasons for women to honor their own truth and experience. When each of us makes this choice individually, everyone is empowered with the wisdom and experience collectively. When each of us releases our past experiences without regret and realizes the lessons that are gained through living life, we can truly embrace our own power. We inspire others to move forward and transcend the our individual stories. Wf1 challenges you to release your story, be inspired and write your NEW VISION!

Guiding Principles of Women For One

Authenticity. Be real. Look at yourself honestly and share as much as you can in the present moment with those you love and who you share life with. Take responsibility for everything that goes on in your life/relationships/journey. OWN IT.

Transparency. Be real and present to the moment with each person you come into contact with.

Expansion. Intentionally partner with movements that trust in manifestation and power – in the true sense of the word.

Respect. Honor all people, places and and things on Earth. Perceive everything with respect and remember that they are part of you. We are all ONE.

Feminine principle. Move into the feminine soft power. Remain in action in a soft, nurturing way that is kind and caring. Always assume the best.

Clarity. Be clear as to your vision and purpose each day you live.

Wf1 Team


Kelly-Glamour-11-2820470533-OKelly McNelis Senegor, Founder

I love women. They are my sisters, my friends, my mentors, my peers, my teachers: they are part of my Soul. Women each reflect a piece of me, an experience of mine from my past or an experience I will have in the future.

I “heard” to start this movement through an inner voice that I call my God in 2011. It was quiet whispers in my ear saying, “Women For One…global community.” Hmm…personally, I know it is true guidance when such a call is whispered, almost just slightly suggested, with no force. Just love…

For the past three years, the movement has grown into a powerful community of women sharing their truth. This movement of authenticity mirrors my journey through life. Ever since I was little I remember having a curiosity about any type of evolution, whether it be personal, cultural, or planetary. I was always questioning where we are from, why we are here, and how I can be a more peaceful person. I believe that curiosity is my greatest gift. It has allowed me to have lifetimes within lifetimes of experiences, wonder, mistakes and knowledge. I founded Women For One so that we can have a place to ask questions, to create authentic dialogue, and to take action in our own lives and communities.

Once we are aware of our stories and how they define us, that is when we can release them to write our new personal VISION for the future.

To learn more about me and my formal bio click HERE. Also check out my new Events & Seminars page for updates on where I’ll be speaking and teaching. Please email me with any suggestions, thoughts or inspiration. You can get involved on the site by becoming a Truthteller, commenting on a story, or by joining our mailing list. You can also follow Women For One on Twitter (@womenforone) and Instagram (womenforone) for daily quotes and links to the site. Be sure to like Women For One on Facebook to share your wisdom with our growing global community!

Welcome to the Wf1 Community! Join us in inspiring women with your wisdom.


Women-for-One 22Samantha Horvath, Managing Director

“Every story submitted resonates with heart and deep feeling.”

Hello Women for One Community, I am Samantha! I grew up in the midwest and moved to Seattle in 2010. I graduated from the University of Washington in June 2014 with a B.S. in Biology. I am a Dave Matthews, Yoga Loving, Whole Foods kind of gal. I love cats! I wish I could have 10 but for now I have 1. I try to be present each and every day. Sometimes this can be hard because it is easy to be on autopilot, but all I can do is try! I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the Women for One team. I am most proud to be involved in this movement because every day, Women For One, helps women find the courage and power to dig deep inside and find their most authentic self. To me, that is real beauty. Click HERE to watch my video and learn more about me!



Email: samantha@womenforone.com
Samantha Horvath
Managing Director, Women For One



IMG_9413Lea Natalello, Digital Media Director

“Women for One is a community filled with inspiring women and positivity. It is a safe place to just be YOU.”

It has always been a dream of mine to use the power of communication to change the world, in a positive way. As a member of the Women For One team I will be contributing my knowledge of mass media to spread the Wf1 message of authenticity. I am a recent college graduate from the University of Buffalo in NY where I’ve earned a B.A. in Communication. Since graduation I have been very motivated to achieve success in the media industry. I have gained experience with social media, radio broadcasting, journalism and internet marketing. I am very career driven, however I do find time for fun! In my downtime I enjoy taking my dogs, Reese & Gunner, to the park and going to concerts with my friends. I am a huge advocate of going green and the biggest animal lover there is. Wf1 has an incredible mission to globally unite women and I am very excited and thankful to be working with such an empowering and influential organization. Click HERE to watch my video and learn more about me!


Email: info@womenforone.com
Lea Natalello
Digital Media Director, Women For One


Amanda headshotAmanda C. Larson

“I am proud to be a part of the Women For One team, and look forward to being a catalyst to empower women – and men – everywhere to speak and live their truths.”

Every one of us is born with statistics. My statistics are this. I am 42 years old. I was born in St. Louis, and returned home recently after years and years of experiencing love, loss, and beauty. I’m a mother of three boys, who have challenged me and enriched my life in ways I could never have imagined. I am 5’6” and my weight fluctuates with my moods. In my life, I have been a waitress, an editor, a volunteer firefighter, a writer, a journalist, a farmer’s wife, a veterinary assistant and a publisher – not in that order. I am an avid cyclist and have lots of beautiful friends, but sometimes too little time. I am concerned about our planet, and I love animals.

On top of all of those statistics, though, I am a person who is deeply concerned about the lives of people who don’t have the opportunities I have had. In 2009, after the business I spent years building crashed nearly overnight with the economy, I found myself searching for purpose. I found it in Ghana working to empower women and children with opportunities and being a voice against human trafficking there and worldwide. My life has changed. Instead of feeling hopeless and helpless, my experience empowered me. I realize now that making a difference has nothing to do with my own ego, but at the same time, I have the power and the resources to create change.


Email: amanda@womenforone.com
Amanda C. Larson
Editor, Women For One



michelle tennantMichelle Tennant, Special Projects

“The Wf1 community inspires me. I am humbled to have the opportunity to work with such a compassionate, loving group who strive to empower women in their everyday lives. I love reading the stories submitted by our Truthtellers. The act of sharing our stories is extremely powerful and uplifting to me. It encourages us to be the best we can be and also lets us know – anything is possible when we come together!”

Currently, I am in my first year of graduate school working towards a Master Degree in Couples and Family Therapy.  My goal is to help women through transitions – divorce, abuse, grief and whatever curve ball life throws their way.  I love spending time with my high school soul mate, Matt, hanging out with my two daughters Sophie and Olivia and sipping a cup of tea with good friends. I enjoy walks with my two dogs, Lulu and Tiger, reading a good book and a session of hot yoga. Life is good!



Email: michelle@womenforone.com
Michelle Tennant
Special Projects, Women For One



Screen-shot-2013-07-02-at-8.06.58-AMJaya Sahihi, International Liaison & Special Projects

“It has been great for me to be able to go to Women For One and see countless examples of women who inspire me and can serve as models for how I want to live my life. I think it is SO important for girls my age, who are so deep in the process of finding out who they are and who they want to be, to see examples of women leading such beautiful lives. Make that women of any age, actually!”

Hi everyone! My name is Jaya. I live in Brooklyn, NY and am I sophomore at Wesleyan University. Although I am a newcomer and don’t live near the rest of the Women For One team, I can already feel what a strong, open, loving community it is and I am honored to call myself a part of it. I am a New Yorker through and through but my passion lies in travel. I find travel to be one of the best ways to grow and to learn both about other cultures and about myself. Plus, I love to meet new people!  This is why I am extra excited about my position as the International Liaison.  I have seen how beautiful it can be when women from around the world come together to support each other, teach each other, and learn from each other. I am very much looking forward to being a part of that process along with the rest of the Women For One community. Click HERE to watch my video!


Email: jaya@womenforone.com
Jaya Sahihi
International Liaison & Special Projects, Women For One

Special Projects

gregbennickGreg Bennick, Strategic Consultant

“Women For One is at the forefront of a global movement towards authentic living.”

I have been involved in women’s issues and human rights since a very young age. I was introduced as a teen in a cultural anthropology workshop to the concept that there is an inherent power in women that is undeniable and extremely powerful. I have been driven in all of my relationships by that core concept.  During my time as a singer for the Seattle hardcore band Trial, I wrote and performed worldwide, the song “Scars” which is about and dedicated to female and male victim/survivors of sexual abuse, rape, incest, and molestation.  I trained as a crisis-line advocate with the now defunct Seattle Rape Relief organization and I used those skills to counsel sexual assault survivors worldwide at Trial shows. I make my living as a professional keynote speaker, coaching individuals as well in effective speaking, and tours the world speaking about passion. I am also the Executive Director of One Hundred For Haiti, a nonprofit doing development work in Haiti. Click HERE to watch my video and learn more about me!


Email: greg@womenforone.com
Greg Bennick
Strategic Consultant, Women For One


photo-4-260x260Gracie Knutson, Southwest Representative

“Women For One is a femme-centric gift of authenticity and empowerment, I can’t get enough of the diversity and awareness that Wf1 has brought into my life.”

Hi Wf1 enthusiasts. I’m Gracie, I live my life to be full of honesty, integrity, love, light, and laughter. I am a “get it done” type of woman. I’ve been with my husband and best friend since 2005. We spent a year living and exploring in New Zealand. And now we live in Tempe, AZ. In September 2013 I became a mommy and my baby boy makes everyday better than the last. Our home has always had an open door policy to all of our friends and family which means we are continuously setting the table for extra dinner guests. I love hosting, trying new recipes in the kitchen, helping outsiders, animals, swimming, hiking, and traveling. I can’t wait to share and learn great things with all of you. Click HERE to watch my video and learn more about me!



Email: gracie@womenforone.com
Gracie Knutson
Southwest Representative, Women For One


Wf1_tagAlaa Mansour, Egypt Liaison

“When I was 11 years old, I moved to the countryside of Egypt after living somewhat of a luxurious life in the Gulf. Everything was different. My identity and personality had been shaped by “city life” and this was not an easy life for a child who wanted to live carefree. I had a real problem as I started to try and answer the question “Who am I?!” and also “Where should I belong…to which culture?” After many years, I understood that I could belong everywhere. I could be many different things at the same time. I could remain strict to my beliefs, but at the same time could adapt and accept other beliefs and ideas as well. I understood, as I do now, that I can be anything I want except to be normal; because I believe that I am not. I carry the whole world within me and joining Women for One gives me the chance to be connected to diverse women from different backgrounds through our hearts. I believe that what comes out from my heart touches people’s hearts. That’s what Wf1 is all about – authenticity.”

Hi everyone I am Alaa Mansour, a young woman from a different part of the world, from the middle east, Egypt.  I am very proud and happy to be part of Women For One community. I believe that women are courageous and have the power to change the world, they are half of it and they bring up the other half, if you are a mother, a sister, a friend or a child, you have to believe that you can make a change because “where there is a woman there is magic”…….Ntozake Shange


Email: info@womenforone.com
Alaa Mansour
Egypt Liaison, Women For One


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