Our Story the journey of Wf1

This whole thing started as a simple thought:

Women should share their stories from all over the world.

Since 2011, they have been, right here on this site. Stories of struggles, relationships, assault, recovery, motherhood, food binges, and getting their asses in gear.

Stories of every flavor and magnitude.

And by every magnitude, we mean we’ve had a woman who was burned by acid, but also members who share their daily mantras or something sweet that happened at the supermarket.

From the funny, to the dark and devastating, to the uplifting and everyday: All stories are welcome, wanted, and needed.

All views, as long as they’re your experience and not a lecture.

If you want to share yours, go here.

Meet our team

Kelly Mcnelis Senegor


“Share your messy brilliance with the world as often as possible!”

Kelly is a mom, wife, mentor, businesswoman, incest survivor, Reiki master, minister, healer, and the girlfriend her friends call when they’re on the bathroom floor.

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samantha myers

Managing Director

“Every story submitted resonates with heart and deep feeling.”

Samantha has been the Managing Director at Wf1 since 2014. She’s a new mom, loves cats, and doesn’t take any of Kelly’s shit (including about cats).

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Nirmala Nataraj

Editor & Content Alchemist

“Women’s stories shape the landscape of the human soul.”

Nirmala is an author, editor, ghostwriter, and personal mythmaker. Translation: you spew a bunch of verbal mush-mash and she makes it beautiful.

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Andrea Pesola

Communications & Marketing Manager

"Only you have the power to make your life happen."

Andrea has a gift for the nuts and bolts side and for grounding the all-over-the-board, controlled chaos of a woman-run business.

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core values Here's what we want for you

Claim Your Voice

Blaze through the fear of saying what you think, and stake your spot in this world through a whole lot of trial and fucking up. Be OK with getting it wrong. Speak your truth. It’s all good.

Share Your

Get clear on the experiences in your life: how they define you and shape your point of view. Have the courage to own everything you’ve been through and the choices you’ve made—with zero shame.

Connect With Your Tribe

Let’s lift each other up. Be a witness. Let someone know you see them. But also allow yourself to be seen. You’re not alone. You’re supported and connected. We need your story, and we need you.

Make Life Happen

You’re not a victim anymore. Stop letting life happen to you. Take the reins and MAKE it happen, on your terms.

Sharing Love with Wf1

“I love Women For One. This beautiful community website is a powerful forum for women to share from their depths. When we consciously share our stories with each other, when we can be vulnerable in a safe place, then huge healing happens. Women For One offers a safe haven that is transforming the world, one woman at a time.”

HeatherAsh Amara, Author of Warrior Goddess Training

“Women For One is an incredible organization that has inspired myself and countless others to stand up and tell their Truth. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have shared my story and to have been uplifted by the stories of others. Everyone has a story, and this is your opportunity to tell it.”

Jacqueline Ros, Founder & CEO of Revolar

“Being a Truthteller for Wf1 helped me feel more globally connected to women all over the globe. Truthtelling is not just another story that gets passed on by, but rather, it allows us to be meaningfully connected from one heart to another. Through the sharing of our stories, we unravel the most of our authenticity—inspiring others to do the same.”

Susan Chen, Wf1 Truthteller