Clarity Calls

with Kelly


Clarity Calls

with Kelly


Clarity Calls with Kelly

Women For One Founder Kelly McNelis has had the privilege of connecting with thousands of women around the world and supporting them in making life happen on their own terms. Drawing from over two decades of experience as a speaker, author, teacher, and women’s advocate, Kelly is now available to connect with you one on one.

Hour-long clarity calls offer passionate, curious, committed women the opportunity to be completely real about what’s really going on in their lives—the kind of real that can be hard to share with even our closest friends and confidantes. Kelly will hold space for you with compassion, truthfulness, and nonjudgmental support—all the while reminding you of your true potential to step up, speak out, and shine in your life.

What a Clarity Call Is

A chance to clarify who you are and what you want—permission granted to be totally real—and to create powerful solutions with the help and feedback of someone who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is (yeah, that’s Kelly)

The Clarity Call process is both comprehensive and unique. It begins with filling out a thorough inventory form to discover the truth of who you are: your passions, hopes, challenges, areas for growth, and places where you are already shining and thriving. This will ensure that your work with Kelly is infused with intention, purpose, and specific milestones that you can grow towards. Each call will also be preceded by a smaller intake form that will assist Kelly in making your time together as focused, valuable, and clarifying as possible.

If you decide to work with Kelly in a longer-term way (which we recommend for any woman who is ready to step into her power with confidence and courage), you’ll have measurable markers to chart your progress and celebrate your growing clarity. Kelly will offer you uniquely customized tools to cut through the tangled threads that keep you from clarity and to move through any obstacles that come your way. But most of all, you’ll be given the insight and support to discover the strength and power that already live within you.

What a clarity call isn’t

A “coaching” call, “advice,” or yet another reason to “fix” yourself or lament how screwed up your life is


If you’re ready to take off the masks, step into your messy brilliance, expand your story, and boldly express yourself in the world, this is for you! We also offer customized packages at a reduced rate. If you are interested, please email us at


“Kelly McNelis is a wayshower for women! The amazing community that she has created, Women for One, has literally changed the lives of thousands of women since its inception. Kelly gives us all the opportunity and permission to stand up, speak up, and share our light with the world, in our own unique way. It is a mission that inspires me to be a better woman. Women for One reminds us of the power of the feminine, the sisterhood that has been so easily ignored, and calls us into inspired action.”

– Sunny Dawn Johnston, Author of Invoking the Archangels and The Love Never Ends

Meet Kelly

ready to get clear?

An hour-long clarity call is $149 and can be purchased by clicking the button below. Once we receive your payment, Kelly’s team will reach out to schedule your session and send you any additional information.

If you prefer to dip your toes before diving in, set up a free ten-minute discovery call with Kelly. We also offer customized packages at a reduced rate. If you are interested, please email us at

schedule 15-MIN SESSION

Sharing Love with Wf1

“Kelly McNelis began inspiring me the first moment we crossed paths. Her warmth, dedication, and enormous heart uplift our world. It is my great hope that her voice spreads like wildfire across the globe. Why? Because it is filled with love.”

Annie Burnside, Author of Soul to Soul Parenting

“I connected with Kelly over the internet, through our shared vision of making the world a better place, particularly for women. The minute we “met” on Skype (I am on the other side of the world in Australia), I was instantly drawn to her warmth, her generosity, and her raw authenticity. To be honest, I had never met another person who matched her passion. We have collaborated on The Global Sisterhood, and I consider Kelly not only a dear friend, but a soul sister – someone who constantly inspires me to continue on my path and to continue to live in my truth and power. Kelly and her vision for Women For One will make a massive difference in the world.” 

Lisa McGillivray, Founder, Positive Women’s Movement

“The truth about women is they are inherently sexy. The power of feminine nature and the value of resurrecting a feminine culture shouldn’t be underestimated. Women who are awakened to the truth of their bodies know no limits. I teach women about the Erotic Creature, the Feminine Geniuses and the 5 Layers of Sexy because knowledge is power and power is sexy! There is no shame in fully owning and being empowered by the gifts women are bestowed. Kelly is an amazing woman who is helping to stoke the flames of the feminine campfire we must work to keep aflame. The truth is to be celebrated, so I celebrate Kelly’s work in helping the feminine rise!”

Sheila Kelley, Founder of S Factor