A Home for Brave Truthtellers


who Step up, Speak out, & Shine

A Home for Brave Truthtellers


who Step up, Speak out, & Shine

The world needs your voice
& so do we

At Women For One, we empower one another to embrace our voices and make life happen, on our own terms. We champion women who are ready to step up, claim their power, love their messiness, and speak their truth with vulnerable transparency. We believe that when we become clear about who we are, boldly claim our passion and purpose, and encourage each other to shine, we create supportive communities where all our voices matter!


We offer our global community opportunities to connect with themselves and each other through courses, live events like our Truthteller Tour, and community sharing that bonds us through both our similarities and our differences.



We’re here to help you emerge stronger. More connected. More confident. More you. And ready to take on the next challenge.
Because your voice is the one that will make a difference to someone you’ve never met.


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Transforming our lives and communities, one story at a time

Meet our founder
Kelly McNelis

I’m so happy you’re here with me. I want you to know you’re not alone in your desire for a life that feels real, messy, and 100% YOU. I am so thankful that I get to join you on this journey.


Eight years ago, I knew I wanted a place where I could be 100% myself and share my voice—without being an expert or feeling I needed to get it “right.” It was my dream to create a global tribe of like-minded women who could learn from each other and share their own life lessons—and thus, Women For One was born. It is my hope that in continuing to share women’s truths and talents, Women For One will encourage everyone to take a stand on the issues that most impact our lives, while building a supportive sisterhood.

Who are the Wf1 Truthtellers?

They’re the bold people sharing their stories—no matter how intense they might be. We have more than 800 of them, and we feature one (by invitation only) every week.

Every woman has a story to tell and wisdom to share, so share your voice with us today. We’re ready for your truth—so come on, tell.


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Return to your perfectly

Kelly McNelis’s bestselling book, Your Messy Brilliance®, overturns one of the most harmful myths in our culture: that there is a recipe for perfection. Read this book and take the most important journey you’ll ever embark on: the journey back home to your messy brilliance!