We are people living lives filled with unexpected gifts, obstacles, and triumphs. Your truth lives inside you. It powers you and guides you. It’s the fuel behind why you’re the woman you are. Share your truth below with our easy submission process.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”

– Dr. Maya Angelou, Wf1 Truthteller


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Women For One wants to hear your truth and help you share it. The life you’ve lived can truly change the world.

Our Truthtellers emerge stronger. Better. Changed. Ready to take on the next challenge. Just like you. That one voice of inspiration – your voice – could be the one that makes a difference for someone you’ve never met. By sharing not only what you have come to know, but also the journey that brought you to that truth, you can shine a light for others.

Every one of us has experiences we have learned from, events that have moved us, and people who have come into our lives who have forever changed our paths. We are all also on journeys to which we don’t always have the answers or know how they will end. By sharing our triumphs, our struggles, and our thoughts along the way, we can all connect and walk together.

If you’d like to share your story with us, we want to hear from you. Use the form to send your story for review. If you have any questions, check out our submission guidelines, editing tips,  FAQs page or contact us directly.

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  • “When I became a Truthteller, the empowerment I felt, the healing, and release I got from sharing my story was amazing. Thank you for creating that space for allowing authentic, real, and raw truths to be told.”

    Amy White, Author & Intuitive Coach
  • “Being a Truthteller for Wf1 helps me feel more connected to women all over the globe. Truthtelling is not just another story that gets passed on by, but rather, it allows us to be meaningfully connected from one heart to another. Through the sharing of our stories, we unravel the most of our authenticity — inspiring others to do the same.”

    Susan Chen, Wf1 Truthteller
  • “Kelly and the community she has created are beyond words. It’s a virtual home for real talk, inspiration, and true community. Women need a place to go – to cry to connect to be uplifted. Women For One does just that and more.”

    Christine Gutierrez, Psychotherapist
  • “I have always wanted to write. I have always been able to express myself through words, and I found that in Women For One. Writing has always been my inspiration; words have giving me the strength to dream in hard and difficult moments. Women For One has giving me a safe space to share my truth through my writing, and to share my words with a lot of wonderful and beautiful people. Thank you, Women For One. Thank you to the remarkable women behind its creation.”

    Rahinatu Adamu, Wf1 Truthteller
  • “Women For One offers us a wonderful guide to raising our sights and taking the high road in life. The frank and honest sharing of both the pain and struggles we endure, and lessons we learn along the way, are evidence to the power of introspection, faith, and self-love. We recognize ourselves in one another and are encouraged and uplifted in our own lives. Keep spreading love and light.”

    Regina Cates, Author of Romancing Your Soul
  • “Truthtelling on your site was one of the highlights of my year and was the beginning of a much bigger personal journey.”

    Lisa Agnew Simpson, Wf1 Truthteller
  • “Being a Truthteller has been the wind beneath my sails, giving me the confidence to open my heart and share the rawness of my life experiences. If I can do it, you can do it, too. Give it a try.”

    Cara Bradley, Wf1 Truthteller
  • “A friend suggested I check out Women For One. She thought I might find it a great community. She was more than right. The stories I read inspire me, and the women who have read my stories and connected with me inspire me even more. A good part of my soul’s joy is sharing peace, love, and hope with others, especially other women. Women For One is the place to do this. The world needs more women joining together in sisterhood, love, and support. Thank you Women For One!”

    Lisa Kohn, Author & Leadership Consultant
  • “The opportunity to share my stories with Women For One came to me at the perfect time. I had recently decided that in my writing I should speak my truth – no matter what. Sharing from the heart is a vulnerable place to be, but it felt safe in this supportive community. When I became a Truthteller, my intention was to help other women not feel so alone. To my surprise, the gift that I sent out to the world has come back to me twofold. It never occurred to me how healing it would be to be embraced for who I am.”

    Sue Shanahan, Artist & Author


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