Ground rules

Answers to your questions

Ground rules

Answers to your questions

Submission process

Write. Words are powerful. Use up to 800 and no less than 400. Please note: Longer submissions in excess of 200 words will be edited for brevity; anything longer than that will be sent back to you for a revision. If you are submitting a video post, please provide us with a short introduction to the video that is up to 200 and no less than 100 words.

Submit. Fill out our simple submission form and click the submit button. Whew! You’re done with the hard part!

Connect. You’ll hear from us within 24 hours acknowledging that we’ve got your submission.

Get edits. Your story will be reviewed by our staff within a week, sometimes more depending on the number of submissions we are dealing with. (See basic guidelines below.) They will do one of three things: 1) Accept it. 2) Reject it if it is in violation of our terms and mission. 3) Send it back to you with suggested tweaks to either keep it in compliance with the rules or to help you connect with and empower our community.

Go live. Once your story has been accepted, it will be queued for posting. Depending on how many stories have been submitted, it may be a couple of weeks before you see it. Don’t worry! We will let you know as soon as it goes live so that you can tell your friends and share it on social media.

Join us. You’re now part of our tribe—with access to the private FB group and a special welcome gift.


Wf1 guidelines

Your submission can be about anything you’ve been through, seen, done, or learned from. It can be cathartic and deep, something you never dared share before. Or it can be what you learned from eating granola with Grandma. From the utterly f’d up to the totally mundane, we want your story. That said:

We publish personal stories, not promotional pieces. However, we offer our community members the chance to share the stuff they’re up to via special sponsored posts to be featured on our homepage. Click here to learn more about sponsored posts.

Keep it PG-13! We don’t accept stories with obscene sexual content, or intolerant or hateful speech.

Keep it religiously neutral and respectful. We do not, nor will we ever, represent or promote a single religion out of respect for the world’s diversity. We have nothing against religion, but we are also not the forum for praise and worship.

Even though we would much prefer that your writing for Wf1 be original, you may submit previously published work—if the website allows it—but please include all appropriate credits and links back to the original site.

If you include images, you must have permissions or the rights to use them.

We use the Oxford, or serial, comma. That means we use commas here, here, and follow with a period. We also follow Chicago style, for anyone who, like our editor, spends lots of time thinking about those kinds of things.

If you are interested in a few writing and editing tips, we have created a guide that you can download here.

Don’t use other people’s work. If you quote someone, attribute it. If you use someone’s photo(s), give them credit. It’s the nice thing to do, and it’s also the legal thing to do.

Be inclusive and open-minded. Remember that our community is beautifully diverse. Not everyone has the same rules and values that you do, but that doesn’t make them wrong.

Please remember that although we publish hundreds of stories a year, Wf1 staff is tiny and we wear a lot of hats. We have one editor who, when she isn’t busy creating content with the team, is pouring lots of time and attention into making our community’s stories pop with awesomeness and truth. That said, be patient and respectful. We do our best to respond to all emails and concerns about your story, but our time is limited.

Now that you’ve read through this, click here to share your story.