Women For One is a destination for women ready to make life happen.   We’ve created a community for women who are ready to live life instead of waiting for life to happen to them. We connect women so they can learn from one another’s stories and inspire action that will transform the way they give, love and live.

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    Wf1’s Conversation with Panache Desai

    I am honored to have interviewed some of the most powerful and influential thinkers of our time. Speaking with Panache Desai was a complete experience (not an interview or even a just a beautiful conversation). Panache is fully in the moment, entirely present to those nearby. This powerful human being is transforming the world daily with his teachings.
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    An Enchanting Conversation with Barnet Bain: The Power of Truth and the Story

    Barnet Bain is an award winning producer, an author, a father, a husband and a creative genius in his own right. He is best known as the producer of the film, What Dreams May Come starring Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr., The Celestine Prophecy and many other projects throughout his great career. I am honored to have connected with such a beautiful human being that expresses his beliefs in such a powerful and authentic manner.
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    A Conversation with don Miguel Ruiz: Understanding the Truth that Resides In All That Exists

    I am honored and humbled to present this video conversation with the great don Miguel Ruiz. First and foremost, don Miguel Ruiz is a teacher of the heart. I was not prepared (and was beautifully surprised) to immediately drop into my heart when I spoke with don Miguel. I truly felt his love for humanity and the world.
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    Founder of Women For One, Kelly McNelis Senegor speaks with one of the most incredibly inspiring and powerful women in history, celebrated author and poet, Dr. Maya Angelou.

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    Women For One is a global community of women encouraging authenticity and inspiration. We empower women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds to exchange authentic dialogue through telling their stories, sharing life lessons and supporting others on their journey for growth.