Women For One Workshops

Women For One Workshops

Women For One offers an assortment of customized workshops, ranging from an hour to a day long, that are designed to help women step up, speak out, and shine in their lives. Bring a Wf1 workshop to your business, organization, community, or conference—and learn valuable skills and tools for building connection, fostering leadership, and using your voice and story to transform the world within and around you.

Many of our workshops incorporate journaling, role playing, and experiential exercises, as well as trust-building activities with partners, small groups, and the larger group. Participants are encouraged to take risks and learn to engage in decisive action in their personal and professional lives.

Wf1 workshops are best for participants who have some exposure to personal development and leadership principles, whether via other retreats or their own educational endeavors. However, all women between the ages of 18 and 80 are welcome.


Below are some of our most popular workshop topics.


In life, we’re all bound to come up against conflict and the need for hard conversations: with friends, family members, bosses, colleagues, and others. During these moments, it’s important to create space for connection and resolution. That’s why Wf1 created our popular Hard Conversations Toolkit, which this workshop draws from. This workshop helps you face the conflict head on—because mature “adulting” and powerful leadership requires clear communication and the ability to turn conflict into a win-win situation.


Achieving a work-life balance is a constant struggle for women, particularly those of us who are navigating a number of roles in our lives. Let’s face it, most women have more than one full-time job: businesswoman, mom, partner, friend, etc. Working moms are used to being superwomen and showing up for everyone in their lives—to the extent that they end up falling last on their own priority list. In this workshop, we share tips for how women can achieve balance and take care of ourselves while building successful careers and creating a secure and happy home life.


When women share their wisdom and stories with one another, they transform the world. Unfortunately, too many of us harbor stories of betrayal, abandonment, and loss when it comes to sisterhood. So how can we transform patterns of disempowerment into true connection that we can harness in our personal lives and professional endeavors? This heart-stirring workshop demonstrates Wf1’s model of offering women across the world a place for vulnerable truthtelling—which can create the deep connections we need to move beyond our limiting beliefs and stories, confront our shadows, strengthen our bonds as women, and work together to create change in our lives and communities.


Dive into your messiness by releasing your imperfections and freeing yourself from a nasty case of the “shoulds”! In truth, our lives are messy, and this is actually a good thing! This spirited interactive workshop will offer you tools for reclaiming your brilliance in the mess of it all. Based on Kelly McNelis’s bestselling book Your Messy Brilliance: 7 Tools for the Perfectly Imperfect Woman, this workshop offers participants a safe, brave, and supportive space for moving beyond limiting beliefs, discovering our voices, stepping into our power, and strengthening our connections with one another.


This workshop demonstrates that our stories can either separate or bring us together, and encourages us to move toward connection without sacrificing our truth in the process. By owning our existing stories and harnessing bold new ones, we can show up in our world with clarity and awareness of how our unique voices can bring about individual and collective transformation.


There is power in numbers—and as women share more and more stories about the challenging issues that impact us, from sexual assault to gender inequality, without shame or self-silencing, we transform the culture of power one voice at a time. This workshop will offer tools on how we can bravely claim our voices to share potentially disruptive truths with ourselves, our communities, and the world—as well as how we can walk this journey together, in solidarity.

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