International WOmen’s day

Stories of the Power of Sisterhood

International WOmen’s day

Stories of the Power of Sisterhood

March 8 is International Women’s Day, and in honor of the incredible panorama of voices and wisdom in our global community, Women For One is holding a special contest to help you celebrate the power of the feminine and the unbreakable bonds of sisterhood.

We’re centering this contest around the message of empowerment that’s such a huge part of International Women’s Day. Together, we hold up half the sky and have much to teach and learn from each other. Our story contest is open to everyone in our community and will give our winners the chance to be featured on the Wf1 website and promoted across our social media channels, free of charge. Not to mention, you have the opportunity to touch the hearts and minds of our global sisterhood!

If you’re interested, read on for all the details.


All story submissions should be centered on the Power of Sisterhood, whatever that means to you. We want to know all about the joys and challenges you’ve experienced in building the sisterhood you want and need. Most of all, we are looking for stories that creatively explore how women can build life-affirming and supportive relationships with one another that create a foundation of solidarity for the transformations we want to see in our lives and in our world.



We will be selecting three winners:

  • Our first-place winner will receive a free homepage feature on the Wf1 website—that is, you’ll be featured as an exclusive Truthteller on our homepage to share your brand, idea, or product with the world on mutually agreed-upon dates, for a minimum of seven days. You’ll also be promoted on our social media and in our monthly newsletter. ($500 value)
  • Our second and third choices will be published on our website and promoted across our social media platforms and in our monthly newsletter, free of charge. ($100 value)
  • All other submissions will receive a 50% discount on our $100 editorial fee in order to be published on the Wf1 website.


All three of our winners will receive:

  • An in-depth professional edit of their story, as well as specific feedback that will make their message shine
  • A home on the Wf1 website, which receives over 40,000 unique hits per month
  • Promotion of their story to our 450K+ following on social media, as well as our 16K+ subscribers to our monthly newsletter


Fine print

Before submitting, be sure to read our Submission Guidelines in detail. Send your submission as an attached Word document to with the subject “International Women’s Day Contest.” 

Please make sure that your submission is no longer than 1,000 words; if it exceeds this word limit, it will automatically be disqualified. If you’d prefer to send us a video submission of you sharing your story, it should be a video that can easily be uploaded to YouTube and should not exceed 5 minutes total.

IMPORTANT deadlines

March 31 is the final day to submit your story, and we won’t be reviewing any submissions after this date. On April 7, we’ll announce the winner of our homepage feature, as well as two submissions that will be published free of charge on our website.

Ideas to keep in mind when you submit:

We’re accepting any and all submissions that are centered around the transformational power of sisterhood. Potential ideas might include:

  • A story about your organization or cause, and how it uplifts women and creates sisterhood (this could anything from a piece about starting your international nonprofit to getting behind an issue that specifically helps women)
  • A personal piece about your experiences with sisterhood, from its rewards to its challenges 
  • A story about your hopes and dreams for the future of womankind and the international sisterhood
  • A spoken-word video about the power of female friendship (we encourage creativity!)

Please email us with any questions you might have. 

In the beautiful words of Lucy Pearce, “Breaking our silence is powerful. Whether it comes as a whisper or a squeak at first, allow that sense of spaciousness, of opening, allow yourself to trust the bottomlessness, and lean into the dark roar which will light up every cell.”

We sincerely hope you take this opportunity to step up, speak out, and shine!