Transforming the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Kimberly Kovacs on Your Messy Brilliance® Show

I’m thrilled to bring you the latest episode of Your Messy Brilliance® Show, with entrepreneur, investor, and founder of MyJane, Kimberly Kovacs.

Kim is the kind of woman who exemplifies the idea of making life happen. As someone who’s had a distinguished career in executive leadership and finance, she truly places no limits on herself. She identifies holes in the market, spots opportunities for growth, and asks for what she wants—all while keeping an eye on helping other women do the same.

Kim has had a distinguished career in executive leadership and finance. A serial entrepreneur and investor in software-as-a-service, technology, agriculture, and health, Kim has personally raised more than $100 million for the ventures she’s led. This active angel investor, advisor, and executive consultant for emerging companies is passionate about the entrepreneurial ecosystem and provides mentorship to students and startups in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Kim is also the founder of MyJane, which offers the first premium, curated cannabis service for women. She entered the cannabis space as an investor and entrepreneur to raise awareness around the usage of cannabis to fight the nation’s opioid epidemic. As a result, she is helping women take powerful ownership over decision-making in their health and wellness. Something that many people aren’t aware of is that “a lot of the things women are suffering from—sleep, pain, and anxiety—could all be treated with cannabis,” she says.

Kim demonstrates why we as women need to turn the mirror on ourselves and be willing to step up to do the things that are lacking in the world around us—which includes expanding our possibilities around health and wellness.

I hope you are just as inspired by Kim’s personal and professional insight as I was!

Time Stamps

2:00 Kim’s story and journey into entrepreneurship

5:55 Kim’s unexpected inspiration to start MyJane and address the cannabis taboo

7:01 How Kim cultivated confidence to know what she wanted, and to manifest it

10:25 The power of putting your money where your mouth is—and the importance of checking the data and numbers

12:16 How data informs our intuition and gut reactions

13:23 Why women have to ask for what we want without being ashamed or shy about doing it

16:12 The importance of collaboration in building a business, and why it’s one of Kim’s biggest lessons

19:00 Why Kim places her support behind businesses and ventures dedicated to solving bigger problems

21:12 The power of educating yourself about what cannabis can do

26:30 Shifting belief systems to integrate traditional pharmaceuticals and cannabis in the wellness sector

29:58 MyJane’s unique curatorial process—and why clients love it

32:11 How to get involved with MyJane

Kim Kovacs

About the Author | Kim Kovacs

Kimberly Kovacs has personally raised more than $100 million in venture dollars for companies she’s either founded or co-founded. She founded MyJane, a wellness technology platform that curates cannabis products based on the most common conditions women face, such as sleep, pain, and anxiety. She’s the co-host of MyJane MyStory radio, Visit to learn more.

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