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Wf1 Truthtellers are mothers, survivors, leaders, scholars, sisters, friends, and daughters—and even a few brave men. We share stories of triumph and devastating loss, and everything in between. Through sharing, we all find common ground, confidence, inspiration, hope, meaning, and, ultimately, inspiration toward empowered action.

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Every Ending is a New Beginning!

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Tell Me—Are You Being a Sister to Yourself?

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We can only turn our challenges into inspiration when we’ve received the support we need to make life happen on our terms. Women For One receives heartfelt letters from women around the world, many of whom are in the midst of crisis or challenging situations. We believe that all women deserve to live lives free of violence and strife. We’ve developed two resource lists (U.S.–specific and international) to help women from all walks of life get the necessary help to create empowering new stories for themselves. Please feel free to go to our Crisis Resources page, and share it with loved ones.