Horseshoe Necklace


Wear this elegant necklace as a signature piece, as well as a powerful talisman that brings luck and strength.

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Women For One collaborated with Heidi Aphrodite Jewelry to bring you one of our favorite necklaces. The powerful symbolism of the horseshoe dates back to times when magic was important and valued. It was believed that when a metal horseshoe was hung over a front door, it would protect people’s homes from negative energy and malignant spirits. The design is also inspired by other qualities that represent this symbol, such as balance, power, strength, and prosperity. Each necklace is carefully selected and handmade by Heidi. She wears her horseshoe necklace every day for an infusion of positive energy. Now you too can wear it as a signature fashion statement and a talisman to bring luck and strength to you and those around you.

Available in 2 colors: silver and gold
18″ sterling silver fine chain or gold-filled fine chain

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Ships within 2 business days via USPS Ground Shipping


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    Women For One

    I love my horseshoe necklace! I wear it every day :)

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