permission to be real, granted


permission to be real, granted

Hi, I’m Kelly

I’m not perfect, but I’m real. I am a mom, a wife, a friend, a mentor, and a businesswoman. I’m an incest survivor. I’m a Reiki master, minister, and a healer. Sometimes, I drink too much. I yell at my kids (I really try to minimize this one!).

These experiences are all a part of me—the good, the bad, and the fugly.

I am messy, I’m genuine, and I’m perfectly imperfect. And now that you’re here with me, I hope that you’ll feel free to share your own perfectly imperfect self.

Permission to be real: granted

Guess what? I recently wrote my first book, Your Messy Brilliance: 7 Tools for the Perfectly Imperfect Woman, published by Enrealment Press. In the next year, I’ll be rolling out a bunch of exclusive offerings for the people in my tribe, all of which are meant to help you fully and deeply embrace who you are—warts and all.

Want to get messy with me?

Let me inspire you to take action on the regular. Plus, I’ll tell you Why I Love My Fat, and other messy truths.

How I share my messy brilliance

I write

I have a lot of thoughts about a lot of things. Check out some of my favorite pieces here and see if you relate.

I mentioned my book, Your Messy Brilliance: 7 Tools for the Perfectly Imperfect Woman, above. I’m all about messy. I believe that the “truth” of who we are and what we are capable of lives in our messiness. Messiness has negative connotations in our culture—after all, “hot mess” is hardly a compliment—but to me, it signifies a person’s wholeness.

As women, we beat ourselves up for being too emotional, too chaotic, too much of everything that actually makes us the powerful, creative, brilliant people we are! My book is something of a love song to the “feminine.” The things we believe make us imperfect or not enough are actually the places where our highest potential for joy and creativity lives. And that kind of mess is hot.

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I speak

I’m a speaker and workshop facilitator. Everything I talk about boils down to helping women reclaim their voices so they can live life unapologetically and on their own terms. My workshop topics range from teaching women to dive into conflict and hard conversation to helping them cultivate the kind of supportive sisterhood that will change their personal and professional lives for the better. Check out my upcoming speaking engagements here, and find out how you can hire me as a speaker here.

I mentor and nurture

Most of all, I pour my time into creating courses for bold and powerful women who want to make a difference, make life happen, and act on their dreams. Find them here

In addition, I hold powerful retreats that give bold, brave, truthtelling women the opportunity to be completely real about what’s going on in their lives (the kind of real that can be hard to share with even our closest friends and loved ones)—reminding them of their potential to step up, speak out, and shine. 

Finally, I offer hour-long Clarity Calls to passionate, curious, committed women who are ready to make powerful changes in their lives. Book a Clarity Call with me here.

I welcome your story

I get asked every day, “Is this a place for liberals?” “Is this a place for God, or for Goddess?” “Is this a place for pro-lifers like me?”

Here’s my answer: No. And yes. And both. (And not in any order.)

No matter who you are, I believe that you have a story to share that will benefit another person.

Even if I completely disagree with everything you stand for, your story is welcome here.

That means we can all expect to run into some types we wouldn’t hang out with. But maybe that’s what our world needs right now.

Please remember: this isn’t a place for political argument, or what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s a place to share your story, and connect with someone else’s.

To learn more about me, read my formal bio:

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“Embrace your messy brilliance!”

– Kelly McNelis

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Sharing Love with Wf1

“Kelly McNelis is real, and she has built the platform that gives other women the space to be real, as well. By encouraging women across the globe to share their stories, we all have more permission to step deeper into our authentic selves…and the world is better for it.” 

Erin Weed, Founder of Girls Fight Back and Evoso

“Kelly McNelis has made it her life-long mission to empower women, and it is truly inspiring. It is an honor to know her.” 

Panache Desai, Author of Discovering Your Soul Signature

“Kelly has the uncanny ability to make you feel as if you are the most important person in the room. She encourages you to share yourself with the world, find your talents, and give big. Kelly is living the principles of authenticity, truth, and love.” 

Peg Rodrigues, Founder of Soul Window

“The truth about women is that they are inherently sexy. The power of feminine nature and the value of resurrecting a feminine culture shouldn’t be underestimated. Women who are awakened to the truth of their bodies know no limits. I teach women about the Erotic Creature, the Feminine Geniuses, and the 5 Layers of Sexy because knowledge is power and power is sexy! There is no shame in fully owning and being empowered by the gifts women are bestowed with. Kelly is an amazing woman who is helping to stoke the flames of the feminine campfire we must work to keep aflame. The truth is to be celebrated, so I celebrate Kelly’s work in helping the feminine rise!”

Sheila Kelley, Founder of S Factor

“Kelly is a passionate and inspiring woman whose global community, Women For One, is a testament to her commitment to making a difference in the world.” 

Brenda Michaels, Host of Conscious Talk Radio and Author of The Gift of Cancer

“Kelly is a woman passionate about her subject matter and articulate in delivering her message. She not only has powerful content, but she delivers it so it is relatable and relevant. If you get the opportunity to attend one of Kelly’s workshops, do it—you will be glad you did!” 

Brad Worthley, Author of ADD is a Gift, Not a Disorder

“I had the delight of meeting Kelly when I was launching the Million Mamas Movement in 2012. I felt like I had met a sister from another mother. We talked several times over the phone. When we met in person, it was a meeting of kindred souls. While our life experiences have been different, our hearts and visions for empowering women are very aligned. I’ve been a Truthteller all my life. It was wonderful to be a Featured Truthteller on Women For One: telling the truth about my path, what led me to birth the Million Mamas Movement, and the power of mothering.”

Wendy Silvers