The Kindness Habit: Transforming Our Relationship to Addictive Behaviours

“When we practise self-compassion, we look after ourselves just as though we are nurturing a small child. In fact, a major part of grieving our original pain work (so that we can heal and be emotionally liberated) is to re-parent ourselves and reconnect with our inner child.” — Christopher Dines, The Kindness Habit

The Kindness Habit is a warm, compassionate, and open dialogue between Christopher Dines, Dr. Barbara Mariposa, and an anonymous fellow traveler on the road to recovery.

The authors share their experiences of letting go of “false friends” (addictive behaviors) and their understanding of the healing process as it applies to all of us. This space of acceptance, kindness, and authenticity makes it possible for their newfound friend to start speaking from the heart about their own situation, thereby catalyzing their healing journey.

As so many people experience toxic shame, self-blame, and secrecy regarding their and others’ addictions, the book is written with the intention of making it safer for all of us in psychological pain to speak up and seek help. Rather than finding fault with the individual, the book aims to place addiction in the wider context of the human condition.

Mental illness is at an all-time high, and addictive behaviors are but one manifestation of deeper unrest within societies. The authors invite readers far and wide, whether touched by addictions personally or not, to engage in the conversation and find their truth and refuge. The book’s foreword is by three times #1 New York Times bestseller, the late John Bradshaw.

Christopher Dines

About the Author | Christopher Dines

Christopher Francis Dines is an English mindfulness teacher, trainer, writer and former house DJ/producer. Christopher "retired" from the electronic dance music industry in June 2006 to give public talks on inspirational ideas and self-awareness, and to hold personal development and mindfulness workshops and courses.He trains employers, employees, and self-referrals to amplify emotional intelligence, emotional resilience, and mindfulness in the workplace. Christopher is the author of Mindfulness Meditation: Bringing Mindfulness into Everyday Life, Manifest Your Bliss: A Spiritual Guide to Inner Peace, A Ticket to Prosperity: Spiritual Lessons for an Abundant Life (Revised Edition), The Mystery of Belief: How to Manifest Your Dreams, and Mindfulness Burnout Prevention: An 8-Week Course for Professionals.

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