Jensine Larsen Speaks at the Bioneers Annual Conference

Growing up in rural Wisconsin, Jensine Larsen scoured news publications for the voices of women teachers. When she couldn’t find them, at 19 she took off for the Amazon, where she gathered stories and shared them back home through outlets such as NPR and Air America. Larsen brims with excitement about the global rise of women’s leadership and its relationship to the communications revolution that she catalyzes and supports through World Pulse, an online media platform she designed to turn up the volume on women’s stories across the globe.

This speech was given at the 2009 Bioneers Annual Conference and is part of the Everywoman’s Leadership Collection, Vol. 1.

Jensine Larsen will be speaking at the 2015 Bioneers Conference this October 16-18, 2015 in San Rafael, California! Join her and many other visionary leaders and community activists who are creating the world we want.

For 25 years, the National Bioneers Conference has connected thousands of people with practical, visionary solutions for humanity’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. Participate in emerging conversations about restorative justice, women’s leadership, indigenous knowledge and so much more!  

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Jensine Larsen

About the Author | Jensine Larsen

Unstoppable award-winning digital entrepreneur, international journalist, and speaker Jensine (Yen-See-Nah) Larsen is the founder of World Pulse, a global digital network connecting tens of thousands of women from 190 countries and bringing them a global voice. Today through World Pulse women leaders are building global movements, launching businesses and changing harmful cultural practices ultimately impacting over 2 million lives. Over the last decade Jensine has pioneered World Pulse magazine, digital empowerment training for frontline women change makers, and - a state-of-the-art mobile, multi-lingual social network platform that enables women on the ground to speak for themselves and connect to solve global problems.

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