How to Present Yourself on TV and in Front of a Live Audience

What do you do if you get a chance to be on TV? What’s the best way to present yourself in front of people?

You can enjoy a custom presentation on the simple steps to “Presenting Yourself on TV and in Front of a Live Audience” written by TV Personality and Radio Show Host of “What Women Want,” Judy Goss.

This PDF includes must-know basic TV etiquette, how to stand in front of a crowd so you look like a confident leader, what to wear and more! Judy’s background comes from TV, public speaking, modeling and decades of experience in the fashion and publishing industries.

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Judy Goss

About the Author | Judy Goss

Judy Goss, an experienced TV personality and radio show host who has hosted her own shows, interviewed A-list celebrities, appeared on countless TV shows as a News Correspondent, Lifestyle Expert, Author, Spokesperson and Women's Advocate is currently the host of "What Women Want" on LA Talk Radio with 30,000 listeners/month.

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