Your Heart Is Driving More Than Love: Hema Vyas on Your Messy Brilliance® Show

In this chaotic moment, it feels so important to bring you episodes of Your Messy Brilliance® Show like our latest one, in which I had the pleasure of speaking with Hema Vyas. Hema is a renowned speaker on the subjects of heart wisdom, human consciousness, spirituality, health, energy medicine, and the science of Ayurveda. For 27 years, Hema has been a practicing psychologist, holistic mentor, and speaker. Her work resonates with me on a deep level because it’s all about connecting ancient wisdom to solve the problems of modern times, especially by understanding the significance of the heart.

Hema’s highly sophisticated intuitive abilities and expertise at guiding a direct experience of heart energy have led people affected by her work to describe her as a modern-day seer. Her approach blends psychological and spiritual insights with kundalini yoga and meditation, as she has seen firsthand how these practices have the power to resolve deeply held challenges with speed and impact.

Hema leads international retreats, workshops, and events that align and restore the heart, mind, and body. She has also offered the Women For One community an exciting opportunity to have your first mentoring session with her for 50% off her regular rate, so I hope you’ll take her up on that!

Hema and I had a heart-centered conversation that ranged from the benefits of meditation, and how it doesn’t have to be just another chore to cross off your to-do list: In fact, the creative force of meditation helps us tap into our desires and activate our gifts. We talked about everything from how connecting to our hearts helps us go beyond linear time and space to clear the unconscious and open up to new possibilities, to what it means to truly be of service from a place of balance and self-acceptance.

I hope you’ll take the wisdom from this conversation and use it to tap into your own beautiful heart and messy brilliance! You can find out more about Hema and her work here.


2:45 How Hema’s journey took her back to her roots and the heart/mind/body wisdom of Ayurveda

4:50 How meditation connects us to our heart space, where magic happens

6:43 Why Hema describes the heart as the portal to higher consciousness

9:20 How deep states of meditation help us tap into the creative right brain and what is possible—and Hema’s powerful account of how a car accident changed her life and her views of consciousness

13:38 Why expanding our heart consciousness increases our intuition

14:55 How Hema has designed her workshops to give people powerful tools to release energetic baggage

20:08 Hema’s model of “omnipreneurship” and how it helps us to be of service to the world in a deeper way

23:40 The power of embracing our individuality at an early age

25:50 “The heart is the center where the masculine and feminine meet”

28:00 Why it’s important to open the heart to release blocked energy

31:42: Hema’s generous offer to the Wf1 community: 50% off your first mentoring session with her

About the Author | Hema Vyas

Hema Vyas is a psychologist, spiritual mentor, keynote speaker, and retreat leader who is internationally recognized. Her mission is to provide a direct experience of the power of the heart and move people en masse into what she uniquely terms “a state of gold.” Her highly sophisticated intuitive abilities and expertise at guiding a connection with heart energy have led those affected by her work to describe her as a modern-day seer. She believes ancient wisdom can solve the problems of modern times.

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