your questions answered


your questions answered


Women For One gives women all over the world the support and know-how to share their stories, claim their voices, and make life happen on their terms.

This is a word you’ll see everywhere at Wf1, because it’s the key to who we are: a community of women (and some brave men) who share their stories with the world. Wf1 Truthtellers include recognized “changemakers” of the world, but mostly the powerful everyday people who change us just by sharing. To learn more about becoming a Truthteller, click here.

Never, ever!


We conduct interviews on an invite-only basis.

Please don’t use Wf1 as a forum for this unless you choose to advertise. Women join our community because we are a valuable resource for growth. You can mention your product or service in your bio one time. Click here if you are interested in advertising with Women For One.


All digital items in our shop are non-refundable. We cannot accept returns at this time; however, we accept returns on clothing and other merchandise within 14 days. If you have a return request, please contact us at info@womenforone.com.

We ship most of our orders via USPS First Class and Priority Mail within two business days of your order. You should receive an order confirmation email after you complete checkout and a shipping confirmation email after your order ships. Didn’t see one? Check that pesky spam folder. If you still can’t find it, email us at info@womenforone.com.

The items in our online shop have been carefully curated to further Women For One’s message of empowerment and helping our tribe to make life happen. So, although we are extremely selective, we are open to offerings from our community that support our causes. To connect with us, email info@womenforone.com.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our products for your business or organization, please contact info@womenforone.com.

We’re so flattered that you want to share our products with your readers! Email info@womenforone.com with requests.


Because it feels great to share, it contributes to the community, and when we share our truth, we step closer to being our authentic selves.

Somewhere between 500–1,000 words is fine. Try to aim for about 800 words. If you absolutely cannot edit down to that length, please email us to let us know why. In addition, consider taking our Truthteller course, which helps our writers to develop powerful stories about their greatest life lessons. Women For One offers course participants extensive editorial coaching to hone their writing. Additionally, to honor participants’ journey through this rich experience, we are more flexible with submissions that emerge from the Truthteller course.

Your story can be about any experience or life lesson you have learned. Popular topics include: authenticity, body image, divorce, empowerment, grief, inspiration, relationships, sexual abuse, and wellness. We simply ask that your story include truthtelling, which we define as vulnerable sharing from your heart. Although we are ecstatic to include so many experts and wisdom holders in our community, what sets Wf1 apart from other communities is our emphasis on the personal journey. We have found that “life lessons” are best conveyed through illustrations of your own personal experience rather than “how-to” pieces. We honor your story, and we want to see and feel you within it!

No. Anyone and everyone can submit their story. Just make sure you follow the submission guidelines.

No. We have an editor who can help you, but at a minimum, please use your word-processing software’s spell checker before submitting. You can also refer to our style guide.

Of course! When filling out the submission form, you will be asked how you would like your name to appear. Just check the box next to “Anonymous.”

Yes! We love receiving and sharing video stories. To submit a video story, please upload it to YouTube and paste the video URL into the submission form. Please add a brief introduction to your video that is at least 200 words and no more than 400 words, and be sure to keep your video under 5 minutes.

Click here to share your story on our submit page by filling out our submission form.

Yes, this is very important. We can only post a story on our site if it has been submitted through the submission form on the SHARE page. If the story is submitted via email, on social media, or any other way, we will ask you to re-submit your story to our SHARE page.

Although it is fine to refer to the work you do, we do not accept promotional stories or pieces that are centered around garnering support for a personal campaign (e.g., an Indiegogo, Kickstarter, GoFundMe project, etc.). Also, we request that you include only one link to your website in your submission, and only if it pertains directly to your story. If you are interested in submitting a promotional story, please visit our Advertise page.

Unfortunately, we do not accept book excerpts through our regular submission form, as we consider these to fall in the domain of promotional posts. To find out more about our sponsored book posts, check out our Advertise page. 

We prefer original submissions, but we are open to receiving published blogs with a brief and original description of the piece. As stated in the submission guidelines, we request that you keep your total word count to a maximum of 800 words. 

Of course, especially if those stories reflect some aspect of their feminine nature, or perspectives on women in the world and the wisdom acquired from them.

It can take up to a month after your final draft is submitted. We will keep you updated in every step of the process.

Submit as often as you like, but keep your content fresh. Please choose new ideas for each submission.