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Share, Discover, Take Action

Upcoming Events
Share, Discover, Take Action

Truthteller Tour

We have the power to transform our lives and communities, story by story.

Join Women For One, alongside other changemakers, at one of our signature Truthteller Tours. A Truthteller Tour is an empowering session—customized for you and your community—in which women share and support one another’s stories: stories of triumph, devastating loss, and everything in between. Through sharing, we find common ground, hope, meaning, and ultimately, inspiration toward action.

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Sharing Love with Wf1

“It was the opportunity of a lifetime to share my story live. People still come up to me on the street to say my words made a difference to them. Kelly McNelis and Womenforone held a safe, beautiful space, and hosted a kickass evening with inspirational women. I firmly believe that storytelling is the way forwards to create a powerful, new story for women everywhere.”

Susie Rinehart, braveoverperfect.com

“I was honored to be a panelist in Kelly’s inaugural Truthteller Tour in my hometown of Boulder, CO. The entire evening was professional, intimate, edgy, and real– thanks to the authenticity and enthusiasm of everyone involved, especially Kelly. I know that these gatherings will continue to heal and inspire so many!”

Sara Avant Stover, bestselling author and founder of The Way of the Happy Woman

“The Truthteller Tour is one of those surprise events that you attend for one reason and you leave realizing that you needed it for so many other reasons! I was lucky to be one of the inaugural Truthteller speakers and I took it to heart. I shared my truth about my long history with alcohol and the grip it held on me for decades. It was difficult and emotional to go public with something so private. But I can tell you this; once you release a truth that has held you back for a long time, the result is nothing short of liberating.”

Nicole DeBoom Founder & CEO | Skirt Sports, Inc.

“It’s so rare in our society that we are encouraged to show up and share our stories in all our authentic glory. Kelly and the Women for One team have made this possible via the Truthteller Tour, cultivating safe events to inspire and be inspired. Speaking our truth can be so difficult, and I celebrate those who make it easier for people.”

Erin Weed, Founder of Evoso