Turtle Tank

Turtle Tank

Turtle Tank is an Incubator for Radical Love and Freedom founded by Ije Ude and Samia Abou-Samra, two strategists, artists, and Radical Entrepreneurs. We ignite our Radical Purpose to create worlds of Love and Freedom, and we sustain a ong-term community and network of Radical people to do the same. We revolutionize how we live and work through the natural art/science of creation, and we create long-lasting systems of Radical Wealth and Well-Being. We provide innovative collective incubation frameworks to grow Radical Creators, Radical Entrepreneurs, and Radical Leaders who commit their lives to Radical Projects and Enterprises.

#MeFirst Is Radical

Together, Samia Abou-Samra and Ije Ude are launching the #MeFirst campaign, which emerged out of their personal and professional challenges. Indeed, it was the...

Turtle Tank: An Incubator for Radical Love and Freedom

Samia Abou-Samra and Ije Ude are sharing their journey with a new venture: Turtle Tank, an Incubator for Love and Freedom. This story outlines...