Tiffany Humfeld

Tiffany Humfeld

Tiffany has worn many hats from puppet shop clerk to massage therapist to flight attendant.  In 2008, she read a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad which changed her brain, the course of her life, and her perspective on money.  Since 2008 she has been a real estate investor and managed her family’s local rentals which has allowed her to not have a “real job” anymore. In 2017 Tiffany launched a passion project called Peace Love & Wine. The idea started as a bit of a joke  with a gal pal and a glass of wine in a Santa Ynez vineyard, inspired by friendship and a 1979 Green Hippie Bus named Phillis The Love Bus. To celebrate the launch of Peace Love & Wine, Tiffany threw a wine pairing fundraiser dinner and silent auction to support The ALS Association and her business. She loves to help fellow entrepreneurs and make people smile and, of course, is always up for good conversation over a glass of wine.

The Birth of Peace Love & Wine

Tiffany Humfeld decided to launch Peace Love & Wine to fuel the side of her that needed more glitter and sanity, and also allow...

Peace Love & Wine: Enter to Win Free Publicity

Join Tiffany Humfeld in making a splash on this adventure called life—and have a hella good time while doing it.