Shannon Nickerson

Shannon is a mountain lover and climber, wellness advocate, and soul-driven health coach. She specializes in working with professional women to help them reclaim their power by ditching sugar for good so they can feel good in their bodies again. Shannon has been in the wellness industry for over 17 years. She helps her clients to learn how to identify which foods work for their unique body so it is easier to make healthy choices for the long haul without feeling deprived. Her clients take charge of their health by developing tools to understand and beat their cravings for good and have more energy for their passions in life. She studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, is a board-certified Stress Management Technician, and a certified yoga teacher. Shannon leads monthly events and workshops as a way to help her community get educated and take charge of their health. Shannon is known as the Energy Break Queen. Her customized four-minute routines she offers at trainings, leadership events, and conventions. She helps participants move their energy, better assimilate the content, improve clarity and focus, promote camaraderie and enhance their experience.

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