Leslie Caplan

Leslie Caplan

Leslie Caplan is a fiercely courageous heart who has found her strength and voice through the alchemy of writing. She is a powerful advocate for writers, and uses the depth of her skill and innate abilities to guide writers deeper into their stories. An editor, writing coach and internationally published writer, Leslie brings it to real with an unwavering passion for authenticity. You can find her at her

Get Out of Your Way and Find Your Voice Through Writing

Truthteller Leslie Caplan has been healing herself through writing since she was a young girl dealing with an intensely volatile childhood.

Deep Inside the Body of Being Human

This is a piece about how overly new age concepts and ways of being tend to veil the fact that there is a palpable...

Rounding Womanly Body

This poem came out of the belly of Truthteller Leslie Caplan’s changing body as she reaches toward menopause with tenuous, tentative hands. We all...

Stay With It

We’ve all been knocked down, and it’s easy to wallow when we are. Truthteller Leslie Caplan not only reminds us to keep going, but...

No Regrets

If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be? Truthteller Leslie Caplan shares her perspective. Her story left me feeling...