Erika Worth

Erika Worth

  Erika Worth is the author of the memoir Broken Bits and Glitter, and the Director and Curator of ROAR. Since she could walk and talk, she's been performing as an actress, poet, performance artist, motivational speaker, and storyteller.  She is passionate about empowering women and girls to use their voices, creating opportunities for others, and inspiring people to overcome obstacles. She performed in ROAR, 7 Deadly Sins, Pants on Fire, The Moth, Pickathon 2017, and Awkward, and numerous stage productions. She has also been featured in OPB Arts and Life, The Columbian, KXRW, KGW News, Women to Watch, and Impactful People NW.

Girls ROAR

Erika Worth shares why she created Girls ROAR, a live-performance program intended to give an outlet to girls from diverse backgrounds. She believes that...

Feeding Hope

Erika Worth shares how she's getting through these tumultuous times and finding hope even in the midst of change, chaos, and our sobering political...

View from the Middle

Erika Worth offers a beautiful message of hope and resilience, pulled together from a lifetime of stories and pictures.

Learning to ROAR

In September 2016, Erika Worth gave birth to an idea for an all-female storytelling show that would feature women of every age, race, sexual...