Biola Wyrwas

I am an economist, marketer, and an actress - but most of all - a young, married woman who believes that we can all be and do anything that makes us happy! I have a BA in economics, politics, and law, and an MA in international relations from DCU. I am working in a busy corporate world while also pursuing my passion for acting. I have also created a blog called “World is You Today,” to help other women to gain confidence and feel empowered. If I can do it, we can all do it!

My Story, My Rules

Truthteller Biola Wyras has shared several stories with us, and each time she leaves me cheering. This one is not an exception. From her...

The World is Yours

I know we’ve all heard this a million and seven times, but happiness really, really does come from within. We are only as happy...