Angela Caceres

Angela Caceres

I am a mother of 2 daughters, a wife, a friend to many and a woman full of spice. My adventurous spirit has taken me to many places in the world, brought me into the lives of many and has made me who I am today! I live in a bedroom community just north of San Diego, Ca with my family, 3 dogs, 2 horses and a pet rat. I adore animals! I started on my path to self discovery a decade or more ago and I am having a blast digging deeper and deeper into my shadows, my treasures and my gifts. I am passionate about human relationships and I have dedicated my time and energy into making this world a kinder, gentler, and more accepting place for all of us to share. I love to see people show up as their highest, most authentic selves and I provide a sacred space of possibility for others to do just that! With the help of my amazing equine partners, I assist others in discovering all aspects of themselves while developing their intuition, and deepening their spirituality through my program. As a recovering perfectionist, I love to see others give themselves permission to be perfectly imperfect!!!

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