with Women For One


with Women For One

Do you share in our vision of empowering women?

If so, let’s work together.

We are the ones who hold up half the sky. We are the movers, shakers, and creators of the world. As we step into our power, we are discovering our capacity to create new possibilities together.

We know the future is all about the feminine, so join us in empowering women across the world.

More than 600,000 people follow Women For One on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google +, accounts and those numbers are rapidly growing. In addition, our updated website reaches 35,000 people each month.

Our platform will place you in front of a media-savvy audience of dynamic women eager to fulfill our destinies as the changemakers of the world.

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Women For One honors every single woman who is becoming the bold heroine of her own life. If you’re as passionate about supporting women’s truths as we are, we’d love to join forces and offer you a platform to share your message, service, or product.

Ready to join us in empowering women while promoting your business? Any questions? Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Sharing Love with Wf1

“The Wf1 team aims for your satisfaction in every respect. Staff members are calm, patient, informative, and prompt with responses to inquiries, and Kelly willingly accommodated my specific needs. It was refreshing to come across someone who genuinely seemed to act out of service and kindness—in my experience, it’s rare. If you want efficient and accepting women to help you express your voice or share your work, this is your stop. I’m glad to have found this storytelling opportunity. The Featured Truthteller Package has been a worthwhile investment and I look forward to future collaborations with the Wf1 platform.” 

KB, yoga student, writer, and creator of Inward Shift Coaching™

Generous. Impeccable. Inspiring! Working with Women For One was a dream. A few years ago, I remember sitting on the edge of my bed holding Kelly’s book, Your Messy Brilliance, in my hands. I had ordered it from Amazon after seeing Kelly in an interview. Who was this author? What was Women For One? I dove into the book and into Kelly’s message because it was exceedingly brave and loving. Fast-forward two years, and I am honored to be a Featured Truthteller with Women For One. A huge thank-you to Kelly and her amazing team for making every aspect of featuring my article and book an absolute breeze. Your business practices are impeccable and your spirit is gorgeous. You lead with generosity. If you are a woman who lives in her truth and has a story to share, Kelly and Women For One will give you a brilliant platform to stand on. No mess at all. Just BRILLIANCE!!!

Rabbi Tamara Kolton, Ph.D., Author of Oranges for Eve: My Brave, Beautiful, Badass Journey to the Feminine Divine