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Have you wanted to connect with like-minded women ready to make life happen and to change the world? Well, you have found us. Women For One is your destination for delivering inspiration, experiences, and support. We can’t wait to hear your story and connect with your wisdom.

  • “I am going to remember this for the rest of my life. So many people and organizations never say thank you, not with tangibles and a handwritten note. During a week I thought there was no hope, you gave me hope.”

    Dr. Niama L. J. Williams, Author & Intuitive Counselor
  • “I am proud and honored to be a Truthteller. Women For One has created a safe, positive community where women are free to tell their stories. Allowing women to open up and share their raw, authentic truth changes the world, one voice at a time. Being part of this movement gave me that opportunity to think through my story and share it unabashed. Thank you!”

    Alexis Meads, Life Coach & Writer
  • “We have become a spiritualized nation – a nation of speakers and preachers who use the language,  but who do not necessarily walk the talk. It’s not important what we say;  its important how we show up day to day. Kelly shows up in her truth. She’s a rare bird. Women For One shares what it looks like to show up in real life, and gives other women the global platform to seek truth, expand awareness, and be part of a community based on support and encouragement. It’s all about having the courage to be real. Kelly is real. Women For One is real. Kelly has the integrity and wisdom to know the difference.”

    Laura Mayer, Author of Unlocking the Invisible Child
  • “Women For One is an exceptional online community for women to share their experiences in the hope of empowering one another and creating a better world. The planet is in desperate need of more compassionate and practical women with integrity to be in positions of influence if humanity is to transcend the enormous challenges of the 21st century. Thankfully, Women For One is playing a part to make such a realization possible.”

    Christopher Dines, Author of Mindfulness Burnout Prevention
  • “If you are looking for inspiration and a place to feel empowered and loved for who you are, look no further than Women For One. The personal, touching stories conveyed from around the world resonate deeply and make me proud of the triumphs, lessons, and blessings that we share in our humanity. The sincere commitment of Wf1 to empowerment, acceptance, and growth is inspiring, and I am honored to be part of an extraordinary network of Truthtellers who encourage me on a daily basis with their narratives. Thank you, Kelly, Samantha, and the rest of the team for sharing this beautiful vision with the rest of the world!”

    Dana Prophet, Author of The Little Guide to Big Happiness
  • “Women For One is an incredible organization that has inspired me and countless others to stand up and tell their truth. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have shared my story and to have been uplifted by the stories of others. Everyone has a story and this is your opportunity to tell it.”

    Jacqueline Ros, Founder of Revolar
  • “Women For One gave me the opportunity to read beautiful and heartfelt words from ordinary, incredible souls. Reading stories from some of these amazing people is like a ray of sun in a dark room, and I have gotten that ray so many times from the Truthtellers of Women For One. The space has opened up a channel for me to share beautiful and sacred words that are my truth, and has given me hope that my words can be soothing or inspiring to someone out there. Reading such truth of every one of us is a blessing and an opportunity to learn and grow. Thank you, Women For One, and thank you to the remarkable women behind its creation.”

    Rahinatu Adamu, Wf1 Truthteller
  • “It was really good to share part of my life with you and to help others. Thank you, Women For One, for giving us this chance to let out all of our emotions and thoughts.”

    Bobba Bob, Wf1 Truthteller
  • “I feel blessed and honored to be a part of the Women For One family. Kelly McNelis has embraced my art and all that I stand for as a woman by letting my story shine through Truthtelling in the Wf1 community. I have gained several clients and friends through the process, and have spread the word about this inspirational community to everyone I know. It is inspiring to witness and be part of the attitude of gratitude and supporting one another through truth and honesty in every way possible. This is something everyone should participate in! WF1 rocks!”

    Heidi Adams


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