What is Women For One?

Women For One is a global community of women who share their truth and make life happen. We connect women so they can share their stories and inspire action that will transform the way they live, love and learn.

What is a Wf1 Truthteller?

Truthtellers are people just like you. They are members of our community who have courageously shared their experiences from the heart, with courage and transparency. We have united to share our stories, our triumphs, our challenges, and ultimately our truths. To learn more about becoming a Truthteller, click here.

How often will I receive communication from Women For One? 

When you join our movement, we will send out e-newsletters with news and updates. You will receive a newsletter or information from us 2-4 times per month. If you signed up for the daily inspirational emails you will receive an email 4-7 times per week.

How does Women For One make money?

Women For One was formed because of our founder’s passion for connecting women from all cultures, ages, and backgrounds to inspire and uplift one another. Women For One is privately funded, and we are currently launching workshops and webinars throughout the world. When you promote Wf1, you support our community!


How do I get interviewed by Wf1?

We conduct interviews on an invite-only basis.

Can I promote my book/business/website?

Please don’t use Wf1 as a forum for this unless you choose to advertise. Women join our community because we are a valuable resource for growth. You can mention your product or service in your bio one time. Click here if you are interested in advertising with Women For One


What Is Real Women, Courageous Wisdom?

Real Women, Courageous Wisdom is a podcast series featuring Women For One Truthtellers.

Truthtellers include everyday women who are passionate about connecting with our global community and telling their stories, as well as some of the world’s most powerful teachers—who are eager to inspire others by sharing their personal journeys and the wisdom they’ve cultivated along the way.

Hosted by author, yoga instructor, and Wf1 Truthteller Cara Bradley, each 20-minute show includes truth sharing: juicy and important conversations and relevant topics that connect our global community of women and men.

Be empowered to keep life real through fresh insights, awesome lessons, best practices, and inspired actions.

Do I have to be a Wf1 Truthteller to be a guest on Real Women, Courageous Wisdom?

Yes. All our guests are women who have shared their truth with the Wf1 community. If you would like to become a Wf1 Truthteller, visit our Share page to submit your story.

How can I be a guest on Real Women, Courageous Wisdom?

Guests on our podcast series are on an invitation-only basis. Once you become a Truthteller on our site, we will contact you if we are interested. Thank you!


Why would I share my story?

Because it feels great to share, it contributes to the community, and when we share our truth, we step closer to being our authentic selves.

Does it cost anything to become a Truthteller?

They say that the best things in life are free, and being a Truthteller is no exception! It is 100 percent free to become a Wf1 Truthteller. The more people we have sharing their truth, the more empowered the world becomes.

How long should my story be?

Somewhere between 500-1000 words is fine. Try to aim for about 800 words.

What should my story be about?

Your story can be about any experience or life lesson you have learned. Popular topics include: authenticity, body image, divorce, empowerment, grief, inspiration, relationships, sexual abuse, and wellness.

Do I have to be a blogger or a writer to submit my story?

No. Anyone and everyone can submit their story. Just make sure you follow the submission guidelines.

Do I need to edit my story first?

No. We have an editor who can help you, but please do use spellcheck, at a minimum, before submitting. You can also refer to our style guide.

Can my story be anonymous?

Of course! When filling out the submission form, you will be asked how you would like your name to appear, check the box next to “Please keep my name confidential.”

Can I submit a video?

Yes! We love receiving and sharing video stories. To submit a video story, please upload it to YouTube and paste the video URL into the submission form. We request you keep your video under 5 minutes.

Where do I share my story?

You can share your story at by filling out our submission form.

Do I have to submit my story through the submission form?

Yes, this is very important. We can only post a story on our site if it has been submitted through the submission form on the SHARE page. If the story is submitted via email, on social media, or any other way, we will ask you to re-submit your story to our SHARE page.

Can I include a link to my website?

We request you include only one link to your website in your submission, and only if it pertains directly to your story.

Can I share an original piece of writing from my book / blog?

We prefer an original submission, but we are open to receiving published blogs or writing excerpts with a brief and original description of the piece. As stated in the submission guidelines, we request that you keep your total word count to a maximum of 1,000 words.

Can men share their stories too?

Of course, especially if those stories reflect some aspect of their feminine nature, or perspectives on women in the world and the wisdom acquired from them.

Once I submit my story, how long it will take to be published?

It can take up to a month after your final draft is submitted.

Will I get paid for my submission?

Not in dollars, but you will get valuable experience, have an opportunity to empower others, and have your work exposed to thousands of people worldwide.

How often can I submit?

Submit as often as you like, but keep your content fresh. Please choose new ideas for each submission.

Can my story be in the e-newsletter?

Yes! Once your story is posted, it will be featured in an upcoming newsletter.