Shannon Grant

Shannon Grant

August 17 2013

Get Moving

Shannon Grant


My entire life I’ve sought external validation to validate my existence to the world. I’ve achieved this through the friends I sought, the schools I attended, the clothes I wore, and generally the way I presented myself to the world. I did everything I was supposed to do by societal standards and in doing so became a master of self-deception. Unfortunately, this meant that I never really believed in myself and I never saw myself as being worthy of believing in. I needed people to believe in me in order for me to even think about believing in myself. I pushed myself greatly. I think the creative impulse was deep and irrepressible in me, and ultimately healthy, but it was my secret need to achieve some sort of greatness that made me press until something began to rip. It was the unending, relentless push to measure up against some imagined form of myself that made me tear. Before learning how to believe in myself I first had to hit rock bottom. That entailed working a series of jobs I didn’t like, miserable, 20 pounds overweight and miserably hunched over my laptop at midnight.

What have I learned though all of this misery?

“Your Life is Meant To Be Moving”

A few years ago I was living in San Francisco, California working for a start up that I wasn’t very passionate about and I was sitting in a stiff chair and hovered over my keyboard at home, like a gorilla protecting its food. My back was round and I was typing away loudly on my computer, as if I had finally come up with the last chapter of a novel I had been working on.

My roommate at the time noticed me from the kitchen table where she was also typing away in a rounded unhealthy state. She said, “Look at us; we look like decrepit older versions of ourselves who didn’t take care of their bodies.” We laughed at our dysfunction postures and stretched to sit up straight. Lost in what we were individually working on, we both started feverishly typing away again.

This moment will forever be ingrained in my mind, as it is the catalyst for what I am going to share with you.

My name is Shannon Grant and I am a dreamer. My dream is that each of our lives is meant to be moving. And that is why I created myBall eco-friendly covers for exercise balls. myBall is my dream to help change our sedentary society, and to get everyone to be able to create a “life that is meant to be moving”.

Movement keeps us happier, healthier and smarter, but our world doesn’t make physical activity very easy. Everything around us is designed for sedentary convenience. It’s time to shake things up and get people moving!