Navya La Shay

Navya La Shay

Navya La Shay is an empath, poet, artist, truth seeker, and truth speaker. Navya has been in the entertainment business since she was 15 years old, on both sides of the camera. Now it's an inside job.

A Super Feeler’s Experience

Being a super feeler is a tall order to live out in this lifetime. If you are one, you will relate to this.

Meet Me in the Kitchen

We are all witnesses to the changes of the season, and so comes poetry to celebrate.

Finding Beauty

Do you ever take time during your busy day to stop and appreciate all that surrounds you? Truthteller Navya La Shay reminds us that...


We all feel lost sometimes. Truthteller Navya La Shay shares her pain beautifully in this poem. It is a reminder that we all struggle...

On Being Me

What if we asked ourselves, “What if …?” Truthteller Navya La Shay shares her truth in questions, and with her own cadence. Check it...