M. R.

M. R.

M.R. is a vibrant working professional who enjoys making people laugh and smile on a daily basis. She loves living life to the fullest by enjoying music, cycling, dancing and having fun! M.R. is a health-nut who makes fresh juice daily and experiments with new nutritious and delicious menus regularly! She lives in Toronto with her two beautiful children.

September 15 2016

Fear: Going In

M. R.

I am 37 years old. Divorced with two beautiful children. I have faced and conquered many fears to get to this place. This place of freedom. I had to face fear right in the eye to be here. I had to have courage, strength, and confidence that I was making the right decisions along the way.

I wanted to stop being afraid all the time; of what my husband would think, what he would say. I had to keep changing to adjust to others. The fear of what others would say and think of me. It was time to change and start living as ME. Who am I? What do I want? What do I need?

This is the journey I am on…finding out what I am all about. It’s scary and full of uncertainty and unknowns. Having the courage to leave my marriage required facing my fears head on and moving forward with grace, confidence, and strength. I want you to know that when the time is right, you can do it.

When do we know the time is right? In your heart, in your soul, and with every part of your body, you know the time is right. Be brave, and be courageous—face your fear and make positive changes.

Fear is present in so many forms on a daily basis, and in this journey of life, it is paramount to develop the tools necessary to face those fears. Going within and finding your inner strength has been a life-changing strategy. I used to look outwards for strength: talking to a supportive friend, interacting and socializing, hobbies, and exercise. These are all wonderful tools to use as well, but the power of going in, of turning to ourselves for this source of power and strength, is the key to facing our fears on a regular basis.

I learned this strategy from an amazing guide, and she taught me through visualization and meditation to find this source of power within myself. I wish for all women to develop this source of strength and bravery to help in our daily lives. We are stronger and more powerful than we can ever imagine, and by consistently surrounding ourselves with inspiration, beauty, and positivity, we can face our fears with confidence, self-assuredness, grace, and poise.

Fear is but an illusion, and we can change its meaning, its power over us, by going in and finding strength.
To all the women reading this: GO IN. Each and every one of you have the power within yourselves. I believe in you.