Lisa Kohn

Lisa Kohn

Lisa Kohn is the author of a memoir (pending publication), Raising Myself, which chronicles her childhood growing up in the East Village of New York City in the 1970s and in the Unification Church (the Moonies). Lisa writes of her recovery from the emotional abuse and abandonment she faced, and her current life as a thriving and happy mom, wife, and leadership consultant and coach.

September 12 2016

What Do You Do with Body Memories?

Lisa Kohn

When things happen to and around us that are too much for us to take in, we often forget them. But our bodies often remember, and then bring out our memories when we are “ready.” How can we handle the memories when they emerge? How do we love ourselves through the process?

April 19 2016

It’s Okay to Pick the Easy Way Out…and Here’s How

Lisa Kohn

Many of us, including Truthteller Lisa Kohn, have learned to take the hardest path, to hunker down and push through, to do what it takes. Only recently did she learn that the easy way is okay, and in fact—it’s good. In learning to be easy on herself, Lisa discovered that she can enjoy the space that gives her.

March 21 2016

Am I Kinda Pausing or Really Pausing?

Lisa Kohn

Truthteller Lisa Kohn realized during a yoga practice that while she was “kinda” pausing in her practice and in her daily life, she wasn’t really pausing. Then she realized that she had a choice, just like we all do. We can take more pauses—actual, real pauses—and benefit all around.

March 08 2016

You Are Not Alone

Lisa Kohn

Truthteller Lisa Kohn shares her unusual upbringing in a modern-day cult and how her experiences and personal growth have inspired her to write a memoir and to become an executive coach, helping others to show up fully in business and in life.

December 21 2015

Don’t Ever Shoot Up Smack in the Middle of Second Avenue

Lisa Kohn

Even in the strangest advice, there can be value. Even in the messed up things others say to us, there can be a glimpse of love, or an intention of goodness. There doesn’t seem like much fatherly love in, “Don’t ever shoot up smack on Second Avenue,” but Lisa Kohn manages to find the love and inspiration there.

November 20 2015

When It’s Okay for a Friend to Hit You

Lisa Kohn

I’ve often said that we teach people how to treat us. A lot of us put up with behavior that is harmful, or at the least, disrespectful to who we are, but we don’t have to. Truthteller Lisa Kohn’s friend quite literally slapped some sense into her, and I have to admit, even though I don’t condone any kind of violence, this was a lesson I won’t soon forget. Has anyone ever taught you such a lesson out of love? How did they do it? Feel free to share in the comments!

October 29 2015

Sweat the Small Stuff

Lisa Kohn

I know we’ve all heard the phrase, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Truthteller Lisa Kohn reminds us that sometimes that small stuff is exactly what you should be sweating.

October 23 2015

Loving you (is easy cause you’re beautiful)

Lisa Kohn

I’m going to have this song stuck in my head all day now.

August 14 2015

I am a Junkie

Lisa Kohn

Love feels good. Joy feels good. And Truthteller Lisa Kohn is a feel-good kind of junkie. I love it! Take a look!

July 14 2015

Thunder Road

Lisa Kohn

It seems that serendipity is everywhere, if we look for it. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a song that puts things in perspective and gives us a nod and a wink from the universe.