Lind Boylan

April 17 2015

The Bone

Lind Boylan

Disappointment visits each of us at different times. The question is how do we move from disappointment to cherishing the special moments in our lives? Linda Boylan tells about a day in France and how she chose to enjoy the day, letting the disappointment slip away.

August 21 2014

He Remembers…

Lind Boylan

In this piece, we learn about how Linda Boylan’s faith helps her through sad times. She sees God as being the catcher of her tears. Its a beautiful concept: that we have a presence always there for us to support us through times of need. This is important to remember because when we are sad we often feel incredibly lonely. According to Linda, we don’t have to.

July 17 2014

Faith: Constant

Lind Boylan

Each day brings new adventures and new feelings to sing about. Linda Boylan shares her experience of listening to a girl sing outside her window and how it reminds her of childhood childhood…and also why she still sings today.

July 07 2014

Faith: Future

Lind Boylan

One of the greatest gifts in life is being able to share experiences with another person. This story teaches us to recognize that we have someone in our lives who are important to us and to cherish moments with them.