Justice Bartlett

Justice Bartlett

Justice is the founder of EmBody Me, which focuses on heart-centered transformation and living. She is passionate about living fully and presently in the body, in joy, peace, ease, and comfort. Through her work, she invites you to fall in love with your being, your body, and your life.

November 08 2016

The Entitlement of Belonging

Justice Bartlett

Justice Bartlett shares her personal observations of what is going on in our collective consciousness and current political climate—and how we have adapted to it as a society.

May 24 2016

When Curiosity Is More Powerful Than Belief

Justice Bartlett

Justice speaks of her childhood growing up in a “conscious” household, her years as a drug addict, and her work now to support others in cultivating curiosity and connecting to their bodies through primal responses and divine love.

February 13 2015

Living In Love

Justice Bartlett

Valentine’s Day always sparks different opinions of love. Justice Bartlett explores the different kinds of love we all experience, but she believes in order to receive love you have to be open to it. Is your heart open? You can connect with Justice on her website at http://www.embodyme.org.

July 16 2014

Ripples In Time

Justice Bartlett

Sharing our truth is so simple, yet we complicate it, get lost in our mind and wake up not knowing which end is up sometimes. Here is an honest and truly courageous sharing from one of my greatest mentors, Justice Bartlett. As I read her truth in all of its beauty, rawness and gratitude, I can physically feel my heart open, tears well up and I am honored to be a witness to it.

June 19 2014

The Global Sisterhood: Healers Justice Bartlett & Jennifer Yost Discuss Truth & Grounded Spirituality

Justice Bartlett

The Global Sisterhood had an enlightening conversation with Justice Bartlett and Jennifer Yost about their definition of truth, the heart and ground spirituality. Justice Bartlett, CHT, LMP, founder of EmBody…

June 09 2013


Justice Bartlett

I believe that our world is suffering from control issues on many different levels. From personal control to global control, to feeling “OUT” of control. How does this feeling impact us? This teaching from Justice Bartlett on control is pure truth. Justice talks about what control is and how important it is to understand that we have choice around our perception and how we show up in the world. A must listen! Thanks Justice.

June 04 2013

Interview with Justice Bartlett, Founder of EmBody Me – Heart Centered Transformation

Justice Bartlett

I’m so excited to share this conversation with a member of my healing team – Justice Bartlett. She has helped me transform myself and has given me tools that I’d love to share with you! I have met many powerful people in my life and I must say that when I meet one of my teachers my intuition screams – YES! – with gratitude!