Dina Nowicki

Dina Nowicki

Dina Nowicki is a public school ESL teacher by day, but the truth is that she doesn’t really care about grammar. Her job is a cover for teaching about the human heart, fostering connections, and reconnecting with joy. She likes to wear her heart on her sleeve, to blur the lines between her public and private life, and to be as real and honest as she can be in all of her interactions.

In the Meantime

This poem is an expression of the longing for conscious, awakened love.

Love at the Threshold and Beyond

This poem is an expression of when Truth pushes you to the edge of the unknown and there is no other option than to...

This Kind of Love

Love can have many faces. Sometimes it can be passionate and fiery, leaving us breathless and disoriented. Sometimes it can be conditional, demanding that...

Healing from the Inside Out: Redefining the Meaning of 9/11

It has been 14 years since I stood in silence and watched the Twin Towers fall on my television screen. The horrible acts of...

This is My Happy Ending

When the foundation we’ve built for our lives crumbles beneath us, we often feel lost and alone, uncertain of what to grasp or which...