Annie Burnside

Annie Burnside

Annie is an internationally acclaimed author. Her book, “Soul to Soul Parenting,” is about creating the most spiritually aware and conscious family that each of us know how to do. Annie possesses a unique talent to transfer esoteric and spiritually sound principles into an everyday, applicable language relevant to our everyday lives.

November 02 2014

From Role to Soul, 15 Shifts on the Awakening Journey

Annie Burnside

Check out my friend and Wf1 Truthteller, Annie Burnside’s newest book, From Role to Soul, 15 Shifts on the Awakening Journey. I love Annie through and through and her pragmatic and poignant truth is evident in all of her writing, workshops and teachings. Thanks Annie for another powerful book sharing your experiences and wisdom on waking up and being present to LIFE ITSELF.

February 27 2014

Annie Burnside’s ‘Soul to Soul Parenting’ Interview

Annie Burnside

Check out my very 1st interview two years ago with the great Annie Burnside! I am honored to re-post this insightful conversation with one of my favorite women in the world. We speak about parenting, soulfulness and being a woman in this world. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

February 06 2014

The Global Sisterhood: Conversation with Annie Burnside, Soul Nurturer and Author

Annie Burnside

Our Global Sisterhood radio show recently spoke with Annie Burnside, soul nurturer, author, and teacher from Chicago, Illinois. Annie’s book, Soul to Soul Parenting is an incredible resource for any parent, from any culture and of any age. We are honored to have spoken with such an inspirational teacher for all women.

April 15 2013

Online Soul to Soul Circle

Annie Burnside

My colleague, soul nurturer and author and most importantly, FRIEND, Annie Burnside, is teaching a six-week telecourse based on her award-winning book Soul to Soul Parenting: A Guide to Raising a Spiritually Conscious Family. You can learn more about this online course HERE.

October 09 2012

Annie Burnside Soul to Soul Parenting Video

Annie Burnside

Annie Burnside, author of Soul to Soul Parenting, discusses the content of her book and about the simplicity of all of us raising spiritually conscious families. Annie discusses the missing spiritual piece/peace in all our lives – that we are all eternal energy beings.

October 08 2012

Soul to Soul Parenting

Annie Burnside

My number one job in life is being a parent. I want to be the most spiritually conscious person and parent that I know how to be. But where are the tools to get me there? Soul to Soul Parenting, by Annie Burnside, is by far, the most effective parenting book I have read in 18 years of paging through thousands of books to learn how to be a more conscious parent.