Amanda Christmann

Amanda Christmann

Amanda is editor for Women For One, and is also a human rights advocate and founder of Compassionate Journeys, a volunteer organization spreading awareness and creating economic, educational, and quality of life opportunities for trafficked children in Ghana, West Africa. She is an avid cyclist, a world traveler, and is mom to three boys, two dogs, and two sassy cats.

January 20 2016

The Darkest of Storms

Amanda Christmann

It may be difficult to realize it at the time, but even the worst heartbreaks and the deepest pain are part of our journey to becoming who we are meant to be. Truthteller and Women For One editor Amanda Christmann reminds us that even the darkest of storms have a rainbow at the end.

December 22 2015

A Light in the Wind

Amanda Christmann

Kindness is a light; friendship is a verb. Women For One Editor Amanda Christmann shares her story of how one little girl’s kindness made all the difference.

November 16 2015

F*ck all those Feely Feelings

Amanda Christmann

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut or found yourself surrounded by people who enable you to stay mired in your own grief or pain? Wf1 editor Amanda Christmann found herself in such a spot. She finally said, “F*ck it,” and re-opened her heart to life and love. Maybe you can relate.

October 26 2015

Four Things I’ve Learned from Feeling It All

Amanda Christmann

Feeling it all can be a burden, but it can also be a gift. Truthteller Amanda Christmann reminds us why embracing the joy and the pain, and loving our scars is all part of the journey.

September 10 2015


Amanda Christmann

I love Women For One’s editor – for many reasons. Her heart, her truth and the emotions that emerge from reading her writing always bring me closer to my own soul. I believe we can all relate to creating anew. Read on!

July 13 2015

Thoughts on Surrender

Amanda Christmann

Wf1 Editor, Amanda, shares her thoughts on surrendering.

April 11 2013

Stopping the Cycle of Human Trafficking

Amanda Christmann

I write this introduction with tears in my eyes. Tears of sadness and gratitude, all at once. I promise you by reading this story you will be inspired, motivated, saddened and grateful for your life all in one moment. I would like to introduce Amanda Christmann Larson – a new member of the team for Women For One.